Can I use more than one flower essence at a time?

When you dive into the world of flower essences, it’s like opening a door to a realm of endless possibilities for feeling amazing. As you scroll through the benefits our products have to offer, it can be very difficult to determine which wonderful feeling you want to feel first.

Do you want to feel confident? YES! Do you want to feel beautiful? YES! Do you want to be fearless? Why YES I WANT TO FEEL ALL OF THESE THINGS RIGHT NOW! This leads to a question we hear often from folks:  “I love all of them so can I just take them all together?” It’s probably one of the most commonly asked questions, so let’s tackle it head-on.


Can I take more than 1 flower essence at a time?

This is a question that comes up a lot and it needs to be addressed in depth. In the tradition of Dr. Bach, the golden rule is that you should not use more than 6-7 single flower remedies at a time. These 6-7 remedies may be used on their own in their respective bottles or they may be blended all together into one concoction. How to blend them together into one concoction will be addressed in a different blog post.PURE BEAUTY

The Flower Apothecary Range

With The Flower Apothecary Range of flower remedies, the following products are blended remedies and contain 6-7 single remedies within one bottle: Calm & Collected, Crisis Intervention, Fearless, Attention & Focus, Quiet Mind PLUS all of the remedies that begin with the word “PURE” (ie Pure Love, Pure Joy etc).

We recommend that you take 1 blended remedy from start to finish before moving on to a different remedy. One blended remedy, when taken as directed, typically lasts 3-4 weeks. As an example, you would use Pure Confidence daily for 3-4 weeks straight until completion of the bottle. Once every last drop of Pure Confidence has been savored, you may move onto Pure Gratitude.

The single remedies on our site have the magic word “Focused” on them. They include remedies like Holly, Impatiens, Nigella etc. You can use up to 7 of those at a time. You can either use them individually in their respective bottles or mix them all up into one concoction.


The Hack

Good news! We heard you and we know you just can’t wait to get all of that flower essence goodness integrated into your energy field. So we came up with a hack! Now lets discuss the hack for all of you over-achievers out there that want to double up on the blended remedies.

Unlocking the Power of Bach Flower Remedies: Scientific Insights and BenefitsTime and again, we’ve been told by many people that they absolutely must take 2 blended remedies simultaneously. So we’ve devised a master plan for that. Here is what you do: You separate them by atleast 30 minutes. For example, you might take Pure Love at 8 am and then take Fearless after 8:30 am. Or you might take one before breakfast and one after breakfast. You don’t have to get too fixated with the time, just leave a little breathing room. So roughly 30 minutes should do the trick.

You should never take them in the exact same gulp because that would be too many flower remedies for your energetic system to properly integrate. Its almost like when too many people are speaking to you at once; you can’t hear anybody.

Let’s say you want to take 1 blended remedy like Pure Beauty plus 1 single remedy like Pearl Gem Essence. You remember the single remedies, right? They have the magic word “Focused” on them. We have hack for that too! You can use the Pearl, and all of the “Focused” remedies, as a topper remedy. You can put 4 drops of Pure Beauty either directly in your mouth or in a beverage of choice and then top it with 4 drops of Pearl Gem Essence.

And so the plot thickens with yet another twist, while the rule book states that you should not take more than 6-7 remedies in the same instance. We have actually tested this and found that even 8-9 flower remedies can and does actually work. But truth be told, we prefer you stick to no more than 7 at a time.

Again, we would like to reiterate that there is “best practice” and then there are “the hacks”. So we will leave it up to you to decide which path is best for you.

We would recommend that if you are new to flower essence therapy, you stick with best practice until you get a handle on how to use the and how they feel in your energy system.

But really, how did you like all of our hacks?