Do Flower Essences Have Side Effects?


Exploring Flower Essences: Unpacking what “side effects” means in the flower essence world.

Curious if those magical flower essences have any side effects? Buckle up as we debunk the myths and spill the tea on what really goes down in the world of natural flower remedies.


No Traditional Side Effects

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, “side effects” refer to unintended and often undesirable outcomes or reactions that occur in addition to the intended therapeutic effects of a medication. These unintended and undesirable effects can vary in severity and may impact the body’s physical functions very adversely.

Side effects are inherent risks associated with the use of pharmaceutical drugs and are typically disclosed by healthcare professionals to ensure informed decision-making by patients. So basically, the fine print. In the realm of flower essences, we look at “side effects” a little differently. While they may be undesirable, they are typically very different than the side effects, in the aforementioned.

Most likely you will hear that flower essences do not have side effects. It is correct that flower essences do not have side effects in the way described above. They will not cause any physical impairment while trying to remedy a problem.

However, an individual may experience what is known as a “healing crisis” or what I like to call a “healing reaction.” You can think of a healing reaction as being similar to when you work out too hard and you become sore. The soreness is uncomfortable but ultimately it leads to building of strength.

The most common healing reaction involves becoming fatigued. One may feel extremely tired the first week on a new remedy. Other healing reactions include: exacerbation of the symptom you are attempting to remedy, a headache, more frequent urination or bowel movements, strange dreams, a rash on the arm that comes and goes quickly, cold like symptoms.

Typically these healing reactions will last a maximum of 1 week. However, if you are working with deep rooted issues, the healing reaction may last longer. So the bottom line is: With flower essences, a healing reaction means positive changes are in the works.


So to recap, potential healing reactions may look like:

Most common:

  • Fatigue
  • Funky dreams


Less common, but it may occur:

  • Exacerbation of symptoms that you seek to alleviate
  • Headache
  • More bathroom breaks than usual


Very rare but we’ve seen it and believe it to be true:

  • A rash on the arm that comes and goes quickly
  • Cold like symptoms


It is more common for people to experience either no side effects at all or simply a little fatigue which results in one sleeping better for the first few days. But we like to make sure you know what to expect. 


How to navigate a healing reaction:

A healing reaction can be very uncomfortable. There are ways you can make it easier. We usually recommend starting a remedy the night before a day off. If you work Monday through Friday then we suggest beginning the remedy on Friday after work. As much as possible, give yourself a leisurely first day on a new remedy just in case.

While severe healing reactions are uncommon, we do like for you to be informed. Typically you will NOT experience worst case scenario.


So now let’s discuss all the ways you can navigate a healing reaction should it even occur:


  1. Reduce dosage of the remedy. You can reduce to 1-2 doses a day. The most important doses are first thing in the morning and right before bed.
  2. Take Crisis Intervention as needed to navigate healing reactions. Crisis Intervention works immediately to calm panic, shock and general bursts of dis-ease. It can be used alongside any other remedy.
  3. Drink plenty of water, rest up and plug through it! If you are experiencing an uncomfortable healing reaction that is actually WONDERFUL! It means the correct remedy has been chosen and healing is underway!What is flower essence therapy?


In the realm of natural remedies, flower essences stand out as the trendsetters, providing healing benefits without any physical harm. Embrace the initial discomfort because, in the language of flower essences, it signals the beginning of a transformative journey.

Equipped with the knowledge to navigate this healing process, confidently immerse yourself in the garden of botanical well-being. Let the power of these petals unleash their magic!