Cerato Essence

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    Cerato Bach

    Improves ones potential to undoubtedly trust one’s own intuition and inner guidance. Cerato can be found in Pure You and Pure Confidence Flower Essences.


    In the positive Cerato state, an individual confidently makes their own decisions without the need of other people’s opinions or input. In a state of imbalance, Cerato types may second guess their decisions frequently, constantly ‘google’ for information, ask others for advice even if they know what they should do, seek confirmation from others. Cerato is a Bach Flower Essence.

Cerato is a genus that includes eight species of flowering plants that thrive in warm, tropical regions of Asia and Africa. They range from smaller herbaceous plants to shrubs that grow up to three feet tall, and have flowers of pale blue, dark blue or reddish purple.

According to the Bach Centre, Cerato flower essence helps you tune into your inner voice. Edward Bach, a British homeopath, developed his Bach flower essence system in the 1930s. According to the system, each flower has unique qualities. When you consume or interact with these essences, you can change your outlook, behavior and mood.

Cerato Bach flower essence can be used on its own or with other essences to address various emotional states. For example, using it with aspen can help you overcome vague fears about the future, while using it with clematis can help you hone your focus and concentration. The Flower Apothecary’s unique blends of flower essences are designed to help you target specific conditions so you can better handle the stressors and challenges of daily life.

Cerato Essence Uses

Cerato Bach flower essence benefits include the following:

More confident decision-makingDo you struggle with making decisions? Does it take you forever to make even a minor choice, and then you second-guess it afterwards? Cerato flower essence can help you feel more confident in your decision-making and happy with the option you selected, regardless of what it is.

Tuning into what you really wantHave you ever wondered, “is this all there is?” Or tried to figure out what would make you really happy? If you’re not sure whether you’re on the right path or are trying to determine your next steps in life, Cerato can help you tune into your inner voice — even if you haven’t listened to it for a long time.

Fine-tuning your intuitionDo you know someone who always seems comfortable in any situation? Who instinctually knows the right words to say or how to handle any stressor? That’s the sign of someone who’s connected to his or her intuition. Cerato can help you develop your own intuition, which in turn helps you know the right thing to say or do in any situation.

Products Containing Cerato Flower Essence

Our products containing Cerato flower essence include:

Women’s Health Cell Salts & Flower Essences — This flower essence blend supports women’s emotional and physical balance. It also:

  • Supports healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Eases water retention and supports healthy menstrual cycles
  • Promotes confidence and eases self-doubt
  • Fights sluggishness
  • Eases feelings of guilt and enhances healthy self-love
  • Supports your immune system

Pure Confidence — This flower essence blend enhances self-esteem. It also:

  • Boosts confidence
  • Promotes feeling worthy and pure
  • Encourages you to follow your own intuition and ideals

Pure You — This flower essence enhances your ability to be true to yourself. It also:

  • Makes you more confident about your decisions and opinions
  • Protects you from the negative influence or pressure from others
  • Helps you set healthy boundaries
  • Encourages connection with your inner self

Who Can Benefit From Cerato Flower Essence?

Those making a major life decisionYou’re about to make a decision that will change your life. Maybe it’s where to attend college or whether to accept a new job or move to a new city. Or maybe it’s whether to take a relationship to the next level or have a baby. Cerato can help you weigh your options and make the decision that will serve you well, both now and in the future.

Those starting a new job — Are you a recent college graduate who is about to embark on her career? Or maybe you’ve decided to take a new position or start your own business. While this is a stressful time for anyone, Cerato can help you feel confident and self-assured, which will help you make a positive impression on everyone you encounter.

How to Use Cerato Flower Essence

Want to reap the benefits of Cerato flower essence? Give these methods a try:

  • Placing 4 drops directly in your mouth, 4 times a day or as needed
  • Placing it in your food or drink
  • Adding it to your bath water or body lotion

Use four drops of the Cerato flower essence four times a day or as needed. If you’re ready to buy Cerato flower essence or products containing it, contact us today.