Cherry Plum Flower Essence

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    Cherry Plum

    Improves ones potential for composure and self-control. Cherry Plum can be found in Cool & Collected and Crisis Intervention Flower Essences.


    In a positive Cherry Plum State, an individual’s rationale and emotions work together harmoniously, supporting their ability to think before acting. In a state of imbalance, a person needing Cherry Plum may feel like a ‘ticking time-bomb’ ready to explode at any minute. They may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and/or violent behavior. Cherry Plum is a Bach Flower Essence.


    On a personal note: I always think of the Disney Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen and how she was so afraid of losing control and physically hurting her sister Ana. That is a classic manifestation of a negative Cherry Plum state.

Cherry plum trees can grow to be 25 to 40 feet tall. They’re found in some parts of North America, in Great Britain and throughout southeast Europe, and in western Asia. Cherry plum flowers are nearly an inch across and range from white to pale pink in color.

When used as a flower essence, cherry plum is for a very specific fear, according to the Bach Centre. “It is the fear that one is going to lose control of oneself and do something dreadful, such as injuring others or harming oneself.” The essence is also the remedy for “a loss of control that has already taken place, because of the frantic fear and dread associated with such situations.” In other words, it’s for those times when you feel like you may lose all control or fear repeating a past loss of control.

The Bach flower essence system was developed by British homeopath Edward Bach in the 1930s. Bach found that every flower has unique qualities and that inhaling, consuming or interacting with these essences can affect a person’s outlook, mood and behavior. People have been relying on flower essences ever since to treat a variety of conditions.

Cherry plum Bach flower essence can be used on its own or with other essences to address issues of emotional control. For example, using it with gorse can help if you’re feeling hopeless and using it with mimulus can help you overcome specific fears. At The Flower Apothecary, we create products with unique blends of flower essences that help you better manage life’s challenges and the stress that comes with them.

Uses for Cherry Plum Flower Essence

Cherry plum Bach flower essence can be used to help you deal worries about losing control:

  • Fear of doing something terrible — Everyone has irrational thoughts they can’t control. But if you’re constantly worrying about harming yourself or someone else, cherry plum essence can help. (If these thoughts are pervasive, consider talking to a mental health professional as well.)
  • Worrying about a past loss of control — Have you ever blown up at someone you love, only to regret it shortly thereafter? Or do you struggle to keep your emotions in check because you’re afraid of what may happen if you lose control? Cherry plum essence can help you let go of past regrettable behavior, which can also help you worry less about repeating that behavior in the future.

Products Containing Cherry Plum Flower Essence

Our products containing cherry plum flower essence include:

Calm & Collected — This flower essence blend enhances your composure. Specifically, it:

  • Improves anger management
  • Enhances patience and tolerance
  • Makes you feel calm and in control
  • Helps children who have tantrums or angry outbursts

Crisis Intervention — Use this flower essence blend to address major emotional crises. It:

  • Helps you stay centered during and after crises
  • Eases post-traumatic stress symptoms
  • Helps you cope with tragedies and other unexpected events

Who Can Benefit From Cherry Plum Flower Essence?

Overwhelmed parents — Parenting is one of the most meaningful, satisfying jobs in the world, but it also can be demanding, stressful and aggravating. Whether you’re raising toddlers or teens, cherry plum flower essence can help you keep your cool and let go of worries that you might snap.

Busy managers — Are you responsible for employees or staff at work? If you are easily annoyed or angered by their behavior or worry that that you’ll lose your temper with them (or with your boss), cherry plum flower essence can help you keep cool at work.

People who are facing unending stress — Facing a divorce or breakup? Are you having health problems or caring for a loved one with significant health issues? Feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope or just want to give up? Cherry plum essence can help you manage these feelings.

How to Use Cherry Plum Flower Essence

To use cherry plum essence, you can:

  • Placing 4 drops directly in your mouth, 4 times a day or as needed
  • Placing it in your food or drink
  • Adding it to your bath water or body lotion

Use four drops of  cherry plum flower essence four times a day or as needed. Want to buy cherry plum flower essence or products containing it? Contact us.