Heather Flower Essence

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    In a positive state, this individual is an active listener and is an interested party in a conversation. They show understanding towards another person’s issues. In a state of imbalance, an individual needing Heather may be only centered on their own personal problems and tend to talk exclusively about themselves.
    Sometimes a Heather state exists internally and the individual has a constant dialogue within themselves that centers on themselves and their perceived problems. Heather is a Bach Flower Essence.

Heather flower essence comes from heather plants, which grow throughout Europe and North America. Their flowers are typically white, pink or purple.

British homeopath Edward Bach developed the flower essences, or remedies, that are named after him more than 80 years ago. The idea behind them is novel, yet simple — that different flowers have different properties and the essences of these flowers can affect you physically and emotionally. Bach flower essences have been used successfully for decades.

Heather Bach remedy can help if you:

  • Tend to be preoccupied with yourself
  • Hate being alone
  • Worry too much about minor, day-to-day issues

Like any flower essence, the heather Bach flower remedy can be used with others to better address various emotional states. For example, taking it with clematis essence can help you turn your thoughts to the future instead of the here and now. Combining it with willow essence can help you move on from setbacks, whether real or perceived. The Flower Apothecary creates unique blends of flower essences that can help you attain your goals.

Uses for Heather Flower Essence

The benefits of heather flower essence include helping ease anxiety and loneliness. It also can help address other emotional states such as the following: 

  • Heather essence for self-obsession — Has anyone ever told you that all you think about is yourself? Or do you find it hard to set side your own problems and consider what other people may be experiencing? Heather flower essence can help you see beyond your own worries and concerns.
  • Heather essence for talkativeness — Do you tend to talk too much or over-share, whether you’re with friends or strangers? This can be off-putting, even to people who know and love you. Heather flower essence can help ease talkativeness and make you a better listener as well.
  • Heather essence for loneliness — Do you absolutely hate being alone and try to avoid it, no matter what? Heather flower essence can help you feel more comfortable when you’re by yourself and help you avoid feeling lonely or sad.

Products Containing Heather Essence

Our products containing heather flower essence include:

Children’s Health Cell Salts & Flower Essences — This flower essence blend promotes emotional and physical balance in children. It can help to alleviate neediness and jealousy and sibling rivalry, while also:

  • Promoting confidence and reducing common fears
  • Lessening excessive talkativeness
  • Supporting a healthy immune system as well as healthy tooth and bone development
  • Helping to ease cold and congestion symptoms

Pure Love — This flower essence blend promotes unconditional love, enhancing your capacity to receive and give love. It can help kids with sibling rivalry issues, plus:

  • Supports the healthy expression of love
  • Can help resolve feelings of jealousy and neediness
  • Can help you recover from abandonment issues
  • Can help ease feelings of victimization

Who Can Benefit From Heather Flower Essence?

  • Heather for narcissism- Do you know anyone so self absorbed that they can’t see beyond their own wants and needs? They may just take, take, take? Heather can help create a more even exchange of give and take in their relationships.
  • Heather to be a better listener- Are you so pre-occupied with talking that you are often accused of never listening? Heather can help you become an empathetic listener.
  • Heather for those in long-distance relationships — Are you facing an extended absence from your lover, partner, close friend or family member? Heather flower essence can help you survive, and even thrive, when you’re not in close proximity to someone you love.

How to Use Heather Flower Essence

You can use heather Bach flower essence in several ways, including:

  • Placing 4 drops directly in your mouth, 4 times a day or as needed
  • Placing it in your food or drink
  • Adding it to your bath water or body lotion

For optimal benefits, use four drops of heather flower essence (or a blend that contains it) four times a day, or as needed. If you have questions about heather essence or want to learn more about how it can benefit you, contact us.