Impatiens Flower Essence

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    In a positive impatiens state, an individual trusts they have enough time to wait for things to take their natural course. They experience their time with a sense of ease. In a state of imbalance, an individual needing Impatiens is impatient, irritable and does things so fast that they may make careless errors due to their super charged speed. The impatiens type person can’t wait for other people to do things, they will do it themselves. They may make rash decisions, finish other people’s sentences and/or not finish their own sentences. Impatiens is a Bach Flower Essence.

The impatiens is a flowering herb that grows throughout North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Its flowers come in a variety of colors including coral, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.

According to the Bach Centre, when used as a flower essence, impatiens is “the remedy for impatience and the frustration and irritability that often go with it.” Impatience can be a temporary state of mind; like when you’re waiting in a long line for your morning latte. Impatience can also be a persistent state of mind. This remedy can help in both situations.

The system of Bach flower essences was developed by British homeopath Edward Bach in the 1930s. He found that every flower has its unique qualities and that inhaling, consuming or interacting with these essences could affect someone’s mood and outlook — and even behavior. People have been relying on flower essences since.

Impatiens flower essence can be used independently or with other essences to address different moods and situations. For example, using it with vine can help you overcome an inflexible attitude, and using it with beech can make you more tolerant. At The Flower Apothecary, we create products with unique blends of flower essences that can help you change your outlook for the better, and to embrace all life has to offer.

Uses for Impatiens Flower Essence

Impatiens flower essence benefits include the following:

Impatiens Essence for Overall Impatience

Are you constantly checking your smartphone for the time, or hate having to wait for someone — even for a minute or two? Do you finish other people’s sentences even though you may not finish your own? This kind of impatience is exhausting for you (as well as irritating to those around you!). Impatiens flower essence can help you develop a more patient outlook.

Impatiens Essence for seeing tasks through

Do you have trouble finishing books you start? Do you have trouble seeing projects through to the end? Do you start out strong and then fizzle out quickly? Impatiens flower essence can help you keep a consistent level of commitment to see things through to the end.

Impatiens Essence for irritability

Do you find yourself snapping too easily? Are you easily irritated? Impatiens can help you maintain your cool with the people and the situations in your life.   

Products Containing Impatiens Flower Essence

Our products containing impatiens flower essence include:

Attention & Focus. This flower essence helps enhance awareness of the present moment. It:

  • Supports attention and focus with consistent use
  • Could improve learning and retention of information
  • May decrease mistakes due to impatience
  • Reduces procrastination, absentmindedness and immaturity
  • Promotes self-confidence
  • Reduces the sense of being overwhelmed

Calm & Collected. This flower essence helps enhance your composure. It:

  • Aids anger management
  • Improves patience and tolerance
  • Helps you feel calm and in control
  • Helps children with tantrums and angry outbursts

Crisis Intervention. Use this flower essence to address the biggest emotional crises. It:

  • Helps you stay calm during and after a major emotional blow
  • Eases symptoms of post-traumatic stress
  • Helps you handle tragedies and other unexpected events

Who Can Benefit From Impatiens Flower Essence?

Impatiens Flower Essence for Supervisors or Managers

Are you in charge of other people at work? If you have a hard time delegating tasks or trusting your employees or staff can complete these tasks in a timely manner, impatiens flower essence can help increase your willingness to let them do their job without your intervening to pick up their pace. It also can help prevent you from taking on everyone else’s job and pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion!

Impatiens Flower Essence for Parents

Any parent knows that many kids tend to dawdle, whether it comes to getting ready in the morning or cleaning their rooms. If you tend to be impatient with your kids (and all parents are, at least once in a while!), this flower essence can act as a “mental deep breath” and let you recognize that you don’t have to rush to be on time.

How to Use Impatiens Flower Essence

To use impatiens flower essence, you can:

  • Placing 4 drops directly in your mouth, 4 times a day or as needed
  • Placing it in your food or drink
  • Adding it to your bath water or body lotion

Use four drops of the impatiens flower essence, four times a day, or as needed. To learn more about how to buy impatiens essence, or our impatiens essence price, contact us.