how to use flower essences

How To Use Flower Essences?

Is this a new kind of therapy?

When you hear the term flower essence therapy, it sounds like a new and exclusive type of healing and wellness gimmick. In fact, flower remedies are not new and very accessible. Flower essences have been around since Ancient times.

The earliest recorded use of flower essences is from Ancient Egypt where their use was documented on papyrus scripts. There is also evidence that suggests they were used in Ancient Mesopotamia. 

How to use flower essence

What do they do?

Once people hear about how effectively flower essences work in maintaining emotional health, next they want to know all about how to use flower essences! Flower essences aka flower remedies are natural plant-based remedies that work at the root level to bring emotional balance. Feeling down? Feeling a lack of self-confidence? Feeling fearful? Flower essences can help with all of those!

What kind of healing?

Every living thing has a vibrational frequency. Flowers have a vibrational frequency that carries healing information. We can capture that healing information and stabilize it in water for use as a flower essence. Flower essences can be considered energy medicine and they work on the level of the subtle body. They are not essential oils. They are very similar to homeopathy.

Using flower essences

British Physician Dr. Edward Bach

While flower remedies have been around since ancient times, they were largely popularized and standardized by British Physician Dr. Edward Bach. Many consider Dr. Edward Bach the father of modern flower essence therapy. 

He thoroughly researched 38 various flower essences that are still in widespread use today and are commonly referred to as The Bach Flower Remedies. 

The Bach Flowers

One of Bach Flower Remedies is not actually a flower it is Rock Water essence which is made of water from a rocky spring. Of all the Bach Flower Remedies, Dr. Bach identified Holly flower essence as being of pivotal importance. 

Holly flower essence supports emotional healing and wellness by balancing issues and energy imbalances revolving around resentment, jealousy, and suspicion. 

What to expect

Flower essences offer help with things like reducing mental chatter, supporting energy levels, discovering life’s purpose, and bringing greater clarity and more joy to one’s life. Unlike pharmaceuticals which aim to suppress symptoms, flower remedies aim to reduce stress and remedy emotional imbalance.  

Mental Health

Mental Health

Flower essences have the potential to contribute a host of mental health benefits to people and while there is some research to support their efficacy, a larger body of research would be very much welcome to specifically pinpoint their effects on the nervous system. 

Flower Essences are Safe and Effective

Flower essences work well and are safe for children and pets. In fact, research has shown they can help improve focus in children. They are safe for allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women.

Flower essences are NOT essential oils

The most common misconception is that flower essences are the same as essential oils. Flower essences are in fact NOT essential oils and they are not herbs either. 

Unlike essential oils and herbs, there are no physical substances extracted from the plant to make flower essences. Since there are no physical substances they are not a biochemical intervention.  

Flower essences are commonly used alongside homeopathic remedies, herbs, and energy medicine. In fact, they are complementary therapy and have no contraindications with pharmaceuticals or herbal medicine either. 

Can you use flower essences for physical pain?

Flower essences do not directly affect the physical body. For example, if you had specific physical ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, acute pain in the body, or a bone fracture you wouldn’t use flower essences to remedy those specific physical ailments. 

Rather, you would use them to address the emotions you are having surrounding such physical ailments and physical illnesses. These emotions can take the form of fear, hopelessness, lack of energy, or any other type of emotional pain. 

Every flower has an essence.
Every flower has an essence.

Flower essences can be made from any variety of flowering plants, even house plants if they flower! Typically, flower essences are made from one type of flower at a time. 

Flower essences are made by sun-steeping flowers in spring water and exposing them to direct sunlight. The direct sunlight facilitates the imprint of the healing qualities of the flower into the spring water. 

The physical part of the flower is removed from the spring water and this is then called a mother tincture. The mother tincture is typically preserved with brandy.

 A few drops of the mother tincture are then placed in stock bottles. These stock bottles can be used or the flower remedy can be further diluted to create a dosage bottle. 

Creating a Dosage Bottle

To create a dosage bottle you take a few drops from the stock bottle and then fill it with equal part spring water and a stabilizer like apple cider vinegar, glycerin, or brandy. The dosage bottle which can be comprised of  a maximum of 6-7 different flower essences is your finished essence and should not be diluted further. 

how much should be taken

How many doses of flower essences should be taken?

The standard dosage is 4 drops, 4 times a day in pure water, in a beverage of choice or you may take it directly in your mouth. Simply use your dropper bottle and drop in 4 little drops and you will be well on your way to remedying emotional imbalances. 

If you are adding the drops to a large vessel like a water cooler, then several drops would be best. The temperature of the liquid you are adding it to doesn’t change its potency. Flower essences can work in both cold and freezing liquids as well as boiling hot ones. 

How long will it take to experience results? 

While some people may begin to experience a subtle shift from 1-3 days of taking flower essence. It may take up to 3-4 weeks before you experience a notable shift. 

how long should you use flower essences

How long should you use flower essences?

The rule of thumb is that you should take a flower essence for 1 month for every year you have had the problem. So the longer you have had the problem, the longer it is recommended you stay on the flower essence.

The best way to know whether an essence is working is to pay attention to your reactions to situations and interactions with people. 

For example, if you are typically impatient with people who do things slowly. Once you begin taking impatiens flower essence you may find you are not irritated with their slow pace anymore as Impatiens flower essence increases patience and diminishes irritable outbursts.  

Flower essences can be used topically

While most people use flower essences internally, they are also effective when applied topically. They may be misted onto your face and body, they may be used in the bathtub with some nice bath salts, or they may even be mixed into your favorite body wash or shampoo.

Flower essences for gardening

Flower essences are also helpful for plants! When transplanting a plant or a tree, flower essences can help ease the trauma of the transplant. 

Flower essences for pets

Pets love them too. Many dog owners give their dogs Crisis Pets by The Flower Apothecary to ease the shock of 4th of July Fireworks. 

Flower remedies

Flower remedies are the best-kept secret in the health and wellness world. 

They work at the root to heal emotional imbalances. Their healing scope is on the mental and emotional level. Flower essences can impart benefits to people, pets, and plants of all ages, and they are used throughout the world. 

Flower essences are a powerful tool mental health practitioners can use to impart emotional benefits to their clients. 

Use flower essences today to achieve emotional balance, establish a deeper connection with your true self, gain more insight into your behaviors, and feel your best! Flower essences are easy to administer. They are no pain, all gain!