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“Being yourself is a sacred act.” -Nadia Ameri


I established The Flower Apothecary based on the belief that flowers can heal.


My relationship with flower essences began at infancy when my mother gave them to me to address an illness I was experiencing. Since my youth, I had always been an avid student, lover & patron of the natural healing arts. I had used flower essences and homeopathy on and off throughout my life.


I had been an educational psychologist for over 13 years when I began feeling like I didn’t fit into my skin anymore. I really wanted to be the woman of my dreams. I knew she was in me somewhere. In my mind, that woman is a creator. She is wise, authentic and strong.bloquote-3


A new me, a truer version of me was on the brink of emergence.  This true me integrates my passion for flowers + my belief in the super powers of botanical medicine.



Once I made the decision to be true to my life’s purpose, the process of emergence I went through spanned a period of several years.   In that time I was blessed with the opportunity to be home to raise my 3 children and formally study the Bach Flower Essences through Bach Center approved coursework. I became a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and I exclusively saw low income clients at my own cost for over 2 years.


I also practiced flower essence therapy on the people who brought me to want to study them so intensely and with such fervor in the first place; my children. This intensive period of studying and working with the essences without the pressure of having to deal with a conventional job allowed me to be in the exact position I wanted to be in, which was the position of knowing the flowers intimately; their nuances and their subtleties.loverose


I have been eating, drinking, living & loving flower essences for many years now. I’d like to share the love and introduce you to The Flower Apothecary for the care of your emotions. I know it will go out into the world and do great things.


xx, Nadia Ameri