Cannabis + Crisis Relief

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Cannabis + Crisis Relief

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Combination of Cannabis Flower Essence + 5 flowers from Crisis Intervention Blend.

  • Powerful Calm & Emotional Composure
  • Fast acting in restoration of calm during acute crisis; shock, loss, grief, horrible news, accidents
  • Assists with post traumatic stress in people and animals
  • Centered, Secure, Mildly Uplifting
  • Less Vulnerability

In a focus group of 12 participants who tried Cannabis Flower Essence over the course of a month:

  • 92% of participants reported they felt Cannabis made them calmer.
  • 67% of participants reported they felt Cannabis helped their fight or flight response.
  • 50% of participants reported they felt Cannabis helped them feel more centered and secure. They reported not feeling fearful.
  • 50% of participants reported they felt Cannabis helped combat the any anxiety they were feeling.
  • 2 participants had a diagnosis of PMDD and they unexpectedly felt a significant reduction of PMDD symptoms. While we cannot confirm that Cannabis combats PMDD, their results were significant enough for us to pursue further testing in this area.

Some of the comments participants made about Cannabis Flower Essence (Which we lovingly called “Can”) were:

  • “Loved it! Core essence for life.”
  • “Helped me let go of trying to control circumstances around me and just trust.”
  • “Calm in the storm.”
  • “Helped me problem solve.”
  • “Calmed my nervous system. I felt safe and mothered.”
  • “Felt anchoring.”
  1. 5 out of 5


    I follow The Flower Apothecary on Instagram so when she was coming out with a Cannabis essence, I remember thinking to myself: ‘I wish she could some how combine Crisis Intervention with Cannabis.’ And then she did exactly that. This product has been miraculous for me personally. I had purchased it to help with a major life event that left me in a really bruised emotional state. It was the worst I had ever felt. This really helped me cope and I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this brand. You can feel that everything is made with love and attention to detail.

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Water, USP Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Flower Essences of Cannabis, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.