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Dissolve Overwhelm

  • Lack of confidence in one’s ability specifically due to overwhelm
  • Elm types are capable people who occasionally feel they cannot cope when the scale of what has been thrown their way seems too big. The overwhelm may be crippling.
  • May feel a task is too difficult and not in the realm of their ability
  • Different from Larch in that Larch types give up before trying. Larch lack of confidence tends to be pervasive and is not specific to overwhelm and magnitude of a situation. It involves comparing oneself to another or to an ideal. Elm types may freeze before they try because they are overwhelmed by the large task before them. Elm loss of confidence is temporary and situational.
  • In the positive state, Elm types are self assured and do not get crippling overwhelm when faced with large tasks. They are seamlessly efficient and can handle those monstrous days!

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Water, USP Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Elm Flower Essence

1 oz

For maximum results, take 4 drops, 4 times a day continuously for a minimum of 3 weeks. Conversely, you may take as needed. This is a stock potency dilution.