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Mentorship Program includes:

  • The Course and all that it entails as outlined on the website.
  • One 30 minute meeting so that we can plan your customized mentorship program.
  • Three 1 to 1 meetings that are 1 hour long.
    • One of these meetings is dedicated to a flower essence consultation with me which includes your custom remedy. This is the “healing the healer” meeting.
    • The remaining 2 meetings will be dedicated to your goals which we will come up with together. Some past goals have been training on how to conduct a consultation to figure out what remedy you should be prescribing yourself and others, how to safely make flower essences, integrating your knowledge into different healing modalities like acupuncture, homeopathy and coaching. Incorporating flower essences into your business whether it be flower arranging or product development.  Additional guidance and instruction on how to make and safely store flower essences. Another popular use of time in the mentorship program is conducting a case study on someone else. You can ask me more about this should you be interested.
  • Upon completion of the mentorship, you will receive a certificate of acknowledgment of our apprenticeship together.

The cost of the mentorship program is $999 early bird pricing and $1250 after April 21st. So, if you choose to participate in the mentorship program, you do not pay the course fee as the course is included in the price of the mentorship program.

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