Sacred Rose

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Sacred Rose


Roses have the highest vibration of all flowers vibrating at 320 MhZ.

  • Blush Rose: Feel like a princess, stand up for yourself, excersize boundaries, stand tall and proud, less people pleasing, feeling of independence, confidence, less guilt
  • Red/Yellow Rose: Supports confidence, productivity, boundaries, energizing and playful
  • Lavender Rose: Supports a tired nervous system, relaxing, gentle & calming
  • White Multi-Colored Rose: Promotes peace in relationships, calming, less scrutiny towards others, increase of love and tenderness in heart space, relationship issues may come to the surface for healing
  • Pink Rose:  Promotes joy, nostalgia, appreciate family, boundaries, promotes empathy
  • Pearl: Promotes patience,  motivates you to move into your higher potential,  helps boost your drive to do better in areas you feel you are lacking, get out of your shell and shine, promotes focus on bettering physical appearance.

Sacred Rose was developed as a part of a journey through the essences of 12 varieties of roses in an effort to capture the different perspectives and various wisdom they may teach. The original intention of this blend was that it be a self portrait of The Flower Apothecary founder, Nadia Ameri. But as she stated: “Although I initially meant this blend to be a self-portrait, it just didn’t feel like it was mine. It felt like it was my maternal grandmother’s. She had 10 children and 15 grandchildren. She used to tell me that in all of the gardens in the world there was only one type of flower and that flower is you, Nadia.”

This essence is a dedication to her. She is the Sacred Rose.

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Water, USP Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Flower Essences of Blush Rose,
Red/Yellow Rose, Lavender Rose, White Multi-Colored Rose, Pink Rose and Gem essence of Pearl

For maximum results, take 4 drops, 4 times a day continuously for 3 weeks. Conversely, you may take as needed.