Using Flower Essences Topically: Does it Work?

Is it Effective?

I am often asked wether or not flower essences be used topically. And the answer is that they absolutly can be effectively used topically. When my mother was in the hospital after having suffered a stroke, I wanted to give her flower essences but I could not administer them to her orally.


So I rubbed Crisis Intervention between the palms of my hand and gave her a head massage with it. And I added a few drops of it on my fingers as well and applied it to her lips as if I was putting lip balm on her. So let’s discuss the topical use of these power houses in more depth.


Deep Dive into Flower Essences

In the expansive world of holistic wellness, flower essences stand out as potent elixirs, offering profound emotional and mental support. Derived from the vibrational imprint of various flowers, these remedies have gained recognition for their gentle yet transformative effects. While commonly administered orally, they are not limited to oral ingestion.


In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a variety of ways to harness the power of your favorite essences topically.



Understanding Flower Essences


Before delving into their topical applications, let’s breifly review what flower essences are. These remedies are crafted through a delicate process, where the energetic imprint of flowers is infused into water. This capture of vibrational energy encapsulates the unique healing properties of each flower, offering a gentle yet potent form of therapy.


Flower essences operate on a subtle level, addressing emotional imbalances and promoting holistic well-being. They are very different from essential oils. You can think of essential oils as the blood of the plant whereas flower essences are the mind of the plant.


Topical Applications 

Now let’s jump in and discuss some practical ways to use flower essences topically; incorporate your favorite essences into your skincare and self-care routine.


1. Bathing with Flower Essences

Enhance your bathing experience by adding a few drops of your preferred flower essence to warm bathwater. If your intent is an energy cleansing bath, we recommend using about 10 sprays of Crystal Clear mist with a half cup of salt. If your intent is to pamper yourself, we like to use about 1 dropperful of Pure Beauty and some rose petals. What is flower essence therapy?


2. Misting Flower Essences on the Skin

Create a refreshing mist by combining water, your favorite essential oils and several drops of your chosen essence in a spray bottle. Spritz the mist onto your face and body, letting the delicate droplets settle onto your skin.


Inhale deeply and feel the subtle yet profound effects of the essence uplifting your mood and mindset. If you are not a do it yourself type person, select from several of our ready to go mists like Synchronicity and Serendipity. Personally, I like to set my make up with either Sublime Rose or Illuminated Neroli mists.


3. Adding Flower Essences to Skincare Products.


Elevate your skincare routine by incorporating flower essences into your favorite lotions, serums, or oils. Blend a few drops of flower essence into your skincare products and massage them onto your skin, allowing for deep absorption and nourishment. Experience the synergistic benefits of botanicals as they work harmoniously to promote skin health and emotional well-being.


4. Creating Flower Essence Infused Compresses.


Prepare a soothing compress by adding a few drops of flower essences in warm water.
Soak a clean cloth or compress in the solution and apply it to areas of tension or discomfort.
Allow the essence to penetrate deeply, providing relief and promoting relaxation on both physical and emotional levels.


A tried and true formula we have used before is adding several drops of Crisis Intervention to a cold washcloth and applying to the head when someone is experiencing a headache or a fever. Ofcourse, one should always consult a medical professional on how to properly deal with illness and this is not mean to derail from that but its simply something that members of The Flower Apothecary community have found beneficial. Crisis Intervention


5. Incorporating Flower Essences into Massage Oil.


Customize your massage experience by blending carrier oils with your chosen essence.
Apply the infused oil to your body during self-massage or seek the assistance of a professional massage therapist. Feel the tension melt away under the nurturing touch of the oil, as the essence harmonizes your body and mind.


Benefits of Topical Use


Incorporating flower essences into your topical self-care routine offers a plethora of benefits, including:


  • Enhanced emotional well-being and mental clarity
  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Support for energetic balance and harmony
  • Promotion of self-care and mindfulness practices



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Embrace Holistic Well-Being

By embracing the practice of using flower essences topically, you invite the healing essence of nature into your daily routine. Whether through indulgent baths, refreshing mists, or nurturing massages, the gentle yet potent effects of flower essences can uplift your spirits and foster holistic well-being.


Remember to choose high-quality, organic products and listen to your body’s wisdom as you embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing.