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Luxury Travel Designer
After a month of therapy I can truly say that I feel a sense of balance has been restored to my life. This balance is something that I have found to be elusive in recent years
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Yoga Teacher
The essences have become a part of my life. They have become a part of my self-care. I’ve experienced major shifts while on the flower essences that have made me feel so good. I never want to be without them.
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Leaanne Parker, Yoga Teacher
To my surprise, I began sensing relief almost immediately after beginning the essences. From the second day, I noticed shifts, and by the end of two weeks, I was in a completely different space.
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Ghada Osman, Psychotherapist

Flower essences are created by infusing the bloom’s particular vibration into water and then stabilizing it. Infusing the bloom captures the energy imprint, or vibration, of the flower — which is its unique healing quality. A flower essence contains no physical substance (such as an herbal formulation or essential oil) of the plant, only its healing property.

Flower essences can be used by anyone. They will not interfere with any medications and/or supplements that you may be taking. They are chemical-free and safe for adults and children.

The act of using flower essences can change your mood and outlook in empowering ways. You may feel more creative, self-assured, focused and confident. You also may find that you are better able to handle day-to-day stressors, that negative emotions no longer hold you back, or that you simply feel like the best version of yourself.

While Bach developed 38 flower essences, they can be used in combination with others to better address different emotional states. At The Flower Apothecary, our products are formulated by a psychologist and certified flower essence therapist. Our flower essence store offers unique blends of essences that can help relieve stress, ease rattled nerves, and offset and balance negative emotions to help you embrace your life and pursue your dreams.